John D Bennett

John D Bennett has over thirty years' experience in consultancy and commercial operations in the electricity industry. He has extensive experience in advising Regulatory bodies and Government Departments on the implementation of energy sector reforms. He was a workstream leader on the implementation of the NETA trading arrangements in GB with responsibility for market financial arrangements and the establishment of Elexon, and until late 2018 was a lead adviser to BEIS on the development and implementation of the Smart Metering Programme in GB, with responsibility for both stakeholder management (via working groups and bilateral discussions) and liaising with legal advisers on legal aspects of the Smart Energy Code issues. John had responsibility for the design and implementation of the charging methodology that was brought into legal force in September 2013. John also developed and delivered handover briefing documentation that allowed the charging methodology to be implemented shortly after the DCC Licence was awarded. This regime has operated successfully since November 2013. He has a thorough understanding of the existing SEM market having advised industry parties on market rule development and regulatory affairs since 2003, and has also advised industry sector clients on the development of the I-SEM proposals. John is an expert on market registration arrangements and wholesale market financial settlement, including the development of market collateral rules and procedures. Since late 2018, John has supported DCC on SMETS1 related regulatory matters.

John has previously held senior management roles at the consulting firms, St Clements Services, Lacuna Consulting, PHB Hagler Bailly and Logica plc. Prior to consulting, John worked for one of the England & Wales Public Electricity Suppliers during and following its privatisation, working on demand forecasting, energy purchasing and settlements.

John has a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Manchester and a MSc in Mathematical Modelling & Computer Simulation from Coventry University.