Although d&i is by choice a small consultancy, it has been directly engaged by a number of high profile clients including Government Departments, economic regulatory bodies, and industry participants. Clients include:

  • The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) - the development of the Smart Metering Code for GB (read more...);

  • Irish Regulator Authorities (SEMC) - advice and implementation support on the 'I-SEM' reforms (read more...);

  • Northern Ireland Utility Regulator (NIAUR) - advice on the 'I-SEM' reforms to the Single Electricity Market (read more...);

  • Smart DCC - regulatory advice related to SMETS1 (read more...);

  • Bord Gáis Energy - advice to on aspects of the proposed I-SEM market (read more...);

  • ESB - a critique of the proposed design of the GB Capacity Market (read more...);

  • The Queensland Water Commission (QWC) - the institutional and commercial arrangements for the South East Queensland Water Grid (read more...);

  • Guernsey's GCRA - on regulatory implementation and reform (read more...);

  • Ofwat on the development of upstream competition (read more...);

  • The Energy Regulation Commission (ERC) in the Philippines - developing monitoring procedures for the wholesale electricity market (read more...);

  • Synergen (Dublin Bay Power) an Independent Power Producer - various matters related to the wholesale electricity trading arrangements on the island of Ireland (SEM) (read more...).

  • Thames Water - advice on wholesale and retail price control arrangements (read more...).

A full list of clients and assignments is available on request - please e-mail us via the contact us page.