Irish Regulatory Authorities

From 2014 until 2019, we were the expert adviser to the Irish Regulatory Authorities (CER and NIAUR) on the Implementation Phase of the I-SEM Energy Trading Arrangements, which operate across The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We supported the Regulatory Authorities on the development of the I-SEM Market Rules, including ensuring that proposed rules were aligned with the SEM Committee (SEMC) decisions on the Energy Trading Arrangement’s design. The assignment included:

  • producing material for industry workshops, and supporting the Regulatory Authorities in Working Group discussions;

  • undertaking, with the RAs, regular liaison with the TSOs; this included the development of the I-SEM Code and the Balancing Market Principles Statement (BMPS), which is a feature of the new market arrangements to provide increased transparency of TSO operation, and its impact on market prices;

  • producing issue specific papers on aspects of the Detailed Design, generating approaches to implement the High Level Design policy;

  • working closely with the RAs to develop detailed design proposals and producing draft sections of the Energy Trading Arrangements Detailed Design, Building Blocks and AOLR consultation and decision papers;

  • supporting the RAs in the production of consultation papers and regulatory decision papers relating to aspects of the ETA, including the approval of the new trading code “The TSC Amendments”; and

  • providing on-going policy and technical advice on energy trading arrangements.

This project was undertaken in conjunction with Yellow Wood Energy.